Dillon Francis

I just posted this track a few days ago and the official Music video has just come out today : D! Check it out!



So today I picked up Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate for 3DS. I haven’t watched much of the trailers on it so I’m not sure what to expect. I did enjoy the Console Lords of shadow back in 2010 so I’m hoping its good.


Big Boss!

This is Revoltech’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Big Boss figure. Yet another cool item to come out for Metal Gear Solids 25th Anniversary. It has “Revolver Technology” that gives the figure a wide range of motion and stability, allowing for many cool and varied poses. Finally gonna pre order mine tomorrow!





Raiden Rising

So Metal Gear Rising has been out a little over a week now and I was super excited as any fan of the Metal Gear Solid series should be. It features the most hated Metal Gear character in the entire metal gear universe, Raiden. I being a huge fan of MGS2 I do not mind the character. Raiden is no where neer as bad ass or compelling as Big Boss or Solid Snake, and is quite the whiner at the start of the game of MGS2. With that said I still never understood all the hate for him.

It wasn’t till his MGS4 debut that the character got some praise for being a new shiny cyborg ninja, yet people’s hate for Raiden in MGS2 carried over to MGS4.

Raiden now has his own game in his own style Metal Gear Rising stemming from the events of MGS4 and is quite enjoyable. From cutting pretty much everything and everyone to tiny little pieces to intense action, MGR is quite the ride and should be enjoyed by all MGS fans regardless of your feelings towards Raiden.