MGR Raiden Revoltech incoming?

A new raiden figure was just posted on Hideo Kojima’s twitter! Looks like a Revoltech!
20130711-234921.jpg The sculpt looks very similar to the Big Boss that was released earlier this year.


Just solid acknowledgement.

I know it has been awhile since I last posted and I have got lots of new games and figures since then. I will get around to talking about them very soon but there is something that my inner nerd has to share. On July 9th I picked up my pre order of Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection, A collection of my favorite games that I already own multiple copies of that I got solely for the new box art and art book. So i decieded to take a picture and tweet about it. (my twitter is @_CodyOh_ if you are interested).


And to my surprise this happened…


I got a retweet from the legend himself Hideo Kojima!!!! It may not be a big deal or mean anything to anyone, but it sure as hell made this Metal Gear Solid fans day!