Too many games!

Well I have probably spent more money on games in the past few weeks then I should have but so many great titles out right now!

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has taken a great deal of my time lately and is one of my favourite games at the moment! The Wii U’s online features really make it a lot more fun. I had the original Monster Hunter Tri on wii but I never played it much, but I’ve made up for it this time around as I’m close to the 70 hour mark and I feel as though I’ve barely scratched the surface. I also transfer my data to my 3DS so I can hunt on my breaks at work!

Lego city Undercover is a game that really took me by surprise. I really really enjoyed lego Batman 2 on my PS3, I even got the platinum trophy that’s how much I enjoyed it. So I decided why not pick up Lego city it might be as good as lego batman 2. I could not have been more wrong. Lego City is in a completely different league then Lego batman 2. It absolutely blew me away, hands down the best Lego game. Definitely a very good reason to buy a Wii U. It has tons of reference humour to movies and lots of its own. Lego city is a blast from”borrowing” cars, exploring the massive city, finding hidden unlockables (you can even be a samurai!), and even the lengthy story. I highly recommend Lego City Undercover.

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon! I really wish Nintendo gave us more from this series before now. But this is a superb sequel, even better then the original! I love that there is more than one area to explore, the puzzle solving, the way Luigi hums and bumbles around. There really is no other game quite like it.

I can’t really say much about Gears of War Judgement yet as I am just finally starting to play it today. But I will say that it still feels very satisfying to chainsaw the locust!

Lastly Dead or Alive 5+ on PSVita! Nothing really stands out that isn’t already on the console version, except for the weird first person touch screen battle that feels like a iPhone game. But the game looks amazing, online play works great, and who can say no to giving a good Brad Wong beat down on the go!

Next game on my list to get is Injustice: Gods among us! I’m a pretty big fighting game and DC fan and the newly released demo really impressed me so I’m pretty excited!